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Customizing Dashboards

Monyog provides a series of charts that address general monitoring needs for MySQL systems. It also ships with a general purpose dashboard for monitoring database performance. You can also create your own custom dashboards and charts.

Custom Dashboards

To create a custom dashboard, open the dashboard selection context menu. Then click Create New Dashboard. This opens an overlay to configure the dashboard, selecting the charts you want to display. In the event that you would like to modify an existing dashboard, you can click the edit icon beside it in the same menu.


From the overlay, enter a logical name for the dashboard in the text field, then select the charts that you want to be added to the dashboard. In the event that you need a chart for something that's not available, you can create a new chart. Then click Save to make the new dashboard available in Monyog. image

Custom Charts

In addition to the many charts that Monyog provides by default, you can also create custom charts to suit your own particular needs. To create a chart, create a new dashboard or edit an existing one, then click the New Chart link in the overlay.


This opens the second overlay to configure the new chart.


Charts are of the MySQL or System type. MySQL charts get their data from the MySQL client interface. System charts get their data from the operating system, (through SSH, for instance). For each chart you can define a Series Caption, indicating the usually one to four values shown on the chart and series values to specify how to generate those values. Both are written as JavaScript expressions.

Once your new chart is ready, click Save. Monyog adds the chart to those available on the configuration overlay, where you can enable it for any dashboard.