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Default Dashboards

The Dashboard is a page displaying a graphical view of the server parameters and metrics that in most situations will give you a quick overview of the server load and performance. Monyog ships with a default dashboard called "Performance metrics" which includes the metrics:

MySQL metrics:

  • Connections
  • Cache misses
  • Statements
  • Database Throughputs

System metrics:

  • Disk IO
  • CPU usage


How is the refresh interval defined?

Every graph displays related metrics using different colors. In the Charts interface the X-axis timestamps are not printed, and the time interval between each will reflect the server-specific setting for the sample interval. By default the chart will be displayed for last one hour time-frame. If no data are available for a period because MONyog service was stopped, two empty sample points will display in the grid no matter how long time has passed.

Adding Dashboards

Just click on the drop down menu containing the Dashboard names, and select the "Add New Dashboard" option. This will open the page where you can give a suitable dashboard name and decide the charts which will be enabled for your dashboard.

Dashboards settings

Dahboard settings can be changed from the dashboard page itself. These are local (browser specific) settings that are stored in a cookie.

  • Chart's size is configurable, you can stretch/reduce the charts size.
  • You can hover on the anchor points on the charts to see the actual values.
  • You can customize the look of charts by changing the chart color under Settings -> General -> CHART COLOR
  • You can rename the dashboard name, add/remove charts to the dashboard. You can delete the dashboard from the dashboard name drop down menu.


Charts recommendation

Recommended number of collections is 50 for better visibility.


This recommendation is based on 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. So, depending upon your screen resolution the number of collections may vary to some extent.

Also, charts can now be exported as PDF/JPG/PNG formats. Refer "Exporting graphics".


This feature is available in MONyog Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.