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Difference between All time/Current, Delta

Define yourself the 'timeframe' of data in the database that shall be used for generating the display.

This 'Monitors' page can be defined to operate in 2 'dynamic modes' and 1 'cumulative mode'. The dynamic modes will auto-update with the most recent data without user interaction. The 'cumulative mode' is History/Trend Analysis where you can define any time interval for the actual display of the data.

Current: Display values based on Current data values collected by Monyog for every specific server. Some server metrics will only be meaningful after the server has been running for a while (ie, after the server has been 'warmed-up').

Delta: Display results based on data for the period between the last data collection and the collection before that. This will give you a better idea of the current situation, and how much this current situation differs from the 'average' or 'normal' situation.


Security, Excessive Privileges, InnoDB Deadlocks and Replication counters are available only in Monyog Ultimate.