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Layout/View of Monitors

Every metric is documented in the Monyog web interface itself.

To see how every metric is calculated by Monyog you only need to position the mouse over the name of each metric. The monitor's name, formula used by the calculation displays with an explanation as a 'tool tip popup'. The tool-tip will also explain how the result shown is evaluated, and how the value relates to an overall or some specific server performance metric.


If you require more details on the metric, you can click on the hyperlink to get a detailed view.


The monitors can be edited or duplicated by clicking on the icons adjacent to the name of the monitor. The mail alert icon is displayed adjacent to the monitor's name on specifying an alert condition. The blue coloured mail alert icon indicates the notification has been enabled with the alert condition specified.


Security, Excessive Privileges, InnoDB Deadlocks and Replication counters are available only in Monyog Ultimate.