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License Manager

Using the License Manager option you can enter your license details 'registration name' and 'license key' after purchasing a license. Your license key controls how many servers you will be able to register in Monyog. If you are using a TRIAL you will be able to register up to 512 servers, but after TRIAL expiration a license key is required and only the number of MySQL servers that you have license for will be available. So be careful to enter a license key for a proper license before TRIAL expiration. When logging on to a unregistered Monyog instance running in TRIAL period a similar license manager will display before you will have access to the logon screen. As long as the TRIAL period has not expired you can skip the registration and continue to use Monyog on TRIAL terms.

How To Change?

Users can change the License Key by using the Settings -> License manager.

A new window will display where you can enter your license details (registration name and license key) after purchasing a license.