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When you want a top-level picture of all MySQL database servers registered with Monyog, the number that are currently disconnected, have warnings or critical alerts, or your top ten queries, use the Overview Tab. This is the landing page for Monyog. It provides a good general indicator of the health of your database infrastructure.


Overview is the landing page for Monyog, but if you need to get to it you can use the dock on the left side of the interface. At the top of the dock, there is a turquoise block featuring the Monyog logo and the page title. Clicking on the logo takes you to the Overview tab.


Understanding the Overview Tab

There are two logical sections to the Overview tab. The first section is graphical, providing information on the current MySQL database servers registered with Monyog. The second section provides a table with the top ten queries running on these servers.

Server Overview

The Server Overview displays a row of blocks providing generic information on groups of servers. Each block shows the number of servers in the group and provides a Show servers link to the web-servers tab pertaining to that group. This allows you to see, at a glance, the general state of your database infrastructure.


The blocks covered in the Server Overview include:

  • Total Servers: Displays the total number of servers, both those that are up and those that are down.

  • Servers Down: Displays the number of servers down or not responding.

  • Critical Alerts: Displays the number of critical issues Monyog has found across all the database servers.

  • Warnings: Displays the number of warningss Monyog has raised across all the database servers.

Queries Overview

Beneath the Servers Overview is a table providing the top ten queries running on the monitored databases. This is useful if you want a quick look of which queries are running and how long they're taking to run.


The table provides the following information:

  • Query: Column displays the complete query text.
  • Count: Column shows the number of times a database has executed the query.
  • Total Time: Column shows the total execution time spent on the query.
  • Average Latency: Column shows on average how long the query takes to execute.

Selecting Servers

When Monyog organizes query data to display in this table, it only uses the database servers selected in the filter. The logical names given to the servers being displayed appears in the top left corner of the table.


In the event that this server is not the one you want to view queries from, or you would like to include queries from other servers on the table, you can adjust the selection filter by clicking on the name and adding names to the list.


When you've chosen the servers you want to add to the table, click the Apply button. Monyog will then update the table with queries from the selected servers.