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Security and Authentication

Monyog - by design is very secure.

The fact that Monyog is a dedicated and specialized web server also makes it very secure. It is practically immune to any kind of malicious code. Whether they be unwanted popups, advertisements, Trojans, attempts at phishing, hijacking or the like. Any HTML pages with such content will simply not be sent by Monyog.

Password protection.

During install you (or your Sys Admin) provided a password. Your browser will prompt you for this password whenever you connect to the Monyog service. You will not be given access to the stream of data from the Monyog service if you are not able to provide the correct password.

Additional security considerations.

Note that on the server the Monyog password is stored obfuscated in the MONyog.ini file . Also the Monyog embedded database has stored credentials (user Ids and passwords for MySQL servers, SSH and SMTP servers).

For the Monyog authentication system to work, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. A 'medium high' security setting will be appropriate for most users. The exact setting (and how it is named) will vary from browser to browser.